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My dog is a liar

Sometimes, people post beautiful pictures of wolves or lions or something equally majestic and carnivorous on Facebook. Sometimes, these pictures are accompanied by some saying that basically equates to “animals are better than humans because animals don’t/can’t lie.” This is … Continue reading

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“The Dog Whisperer”

Normally I do not watch “The Dog Whisperer”, but sometimes I get unwittingly sucked into an episode. One episode was about a dog that was fearful around strange people, and I wanted to watch it from a critical standpoint to … Continue reading

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The (New and Improved) Most Evil Thing Ever

Sometimes, you don’t know what sets a dog off. It’s one of the things that makes me wish they could talk and tell me what’s wrong. I’ve been working with Bean on the tippy board, to ready her for progressing … Continue reading

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Smarter than the average stray

For years, people have regarded animals around us, especially dogs, as ‘living in the moment’ and unable to create complex plans or form ideas about the future. I suppose this kind of throws a wrench in that line of ‘scientific’ … Continue reading

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Training Challenge I: Building Toy Drive

Sam was my first dog that actually loves toys. Frisbees, balls, stuffed toys… he loves them all (as long as he can see them). Bean, however, is another story. No matter what toy I’ve tried, she’s completely uninterested, even fearful … Continue reading

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Ruff Reads

In life, I have two passions: animals and books. When they combine? Magic. Since I’ve learned to read, I don’t think there’s been a day of my life where I have not read. I still remember reading White Fang when … Continue reading

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Dog Aware Liver Treats: like doggie candy

My name is Mel, and I used to believe that my dogs loved Bil Jac Liver Treats and wouldn’t perform for anything else. That is, of course, until after being somewhat broke after an unexpected expense, I decided to try … Continue reading

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