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Living with dogs

Having a pair of dogs is like having two hyperactive footstools that move around with the speed and precision of a couple of large, blind rabbits. Even when they’re not actively moving, they’re milling around like teenagers at a McDonalds, … Continue reading

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The Semi-Epic Road-Trip-With-Dogs Post

Once a year, I usually end up taking some kind of road trip with the dogs (summer feva and all that jazz). I check the leashes and collars to make sure that I’m not going to be running wildly down … Continue reading

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Dog Aware Liver Treats: like doggie candy

My name is Mel, and I used to believe that my dogs loved Bil Jac Liver Treats and wouldn’t perform for anything else. That is, of course, until after being somewhat broke after an unexpected expense, I decided to try … Continue reading

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Pedigree Dogs Commercial

I love this commercial! It’s shot using a high-powered camera, and you can see each tiny change of expression. So cute!

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