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My dog is a liar

Sometimes, people post beautiful pictures of wolves or lions or something equally majestic and carnivorous on Facebook. Sometimes, these pictures are accompanied by some saying that basically equates to “animals are better than humans because animals don’t/can’t lie.” This is … Continue reading

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@ThinkGeek Dog Toys

I was browsing Think Geek because I heard they had a selection of interactive ‘intelligence games’ for dogs. Bean has figured out how to dump and/or open almost all of her toys, so it’s time for something more challenging. But … Continue reading

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Dogs are psychic!

This news will come to no surprise to anyone who has lived with dogs: Dogs likely are born with “Canine Telepathy”.¬†¬†Naturally, there’s a reason: Practice makes perfect, however, so the more a dog hangs around humans, the better he or … Continue reading

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