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Wanna Help Some Dogs?

We all like to help, but most people have a hard time leaving their city/country/dayjob/children behind (like me! I would totally go to the Amazon on a spay/neuter mission… except my dogs couldn’t come with and that would be way … Continue reading

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Smarter than the average stray

For years, people have regarded animals around us, especially dogs, as ‘living in the moment’ and unable to create complex plans or form ideas about the future. I suppose this kind of throws a wrench in that line of ‘scientific’ … Continue reading

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Dogs are psychic!

This news will come to no surprise to anyone who has lived with dogs: Dogs likely are born with “Canine Telepathy”.  Naturally, there’s a reason: Practice makes perfect, however, so the more a dog hangs around humans, the better he or … Continue reading

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