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My dog is a liar

Sometimes, people post beautiful pictures of wolves or lions or something equally majestic and carnivorous on Facebook. Sometimes, these pictures are accompanied by some saying that basically equates to “animals are better than humans because animals don’t/can’t lie.” This is … Continue reading

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Smarter than the average stray

For years, people have regarded animals around us, especially dogs, as ‘living in the moment’ and unable to create complex plans or form ideas about the future. I suppose this kind of throws a wrench in that line of ‘scientific’ … Continue reading

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The (very) loud bark

There was a woman I knew, once upon a time. She lived in a nursing home where I would go, as a high school student, to play Dixieland music with my jazz group. She insisted that we call her Nagymama … Continue reading

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Living with dogs

Having a pair of dogs is like having two hyperactive footstools that move around with the speed and precision of a couple of large, blind rabbits. Even when they’re not actively moving, they’re milling around like teenagers at a McDonalds, … Continue reading

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