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Likes: Canada, spelunking, shiny objects, painting her living room a different color every couple of months, animals, dogs, clicker training Dislikes: Canada, styrofoam packing peanuts, snoring, crazy stalkers, failure of google-fu Favorite sports: hockey, marriage, agility, curling, hockey, snooker, hockey Noted for: participation in charities, antique furniture obsession, not-entirely-appropriate sense of humor, obsession with dog training

Camp Unleashed Asheville 2012

I got up early one morning during camp, saw the mist outside, and went to take photos. These are some of my favorites:           Advertisements

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The man walked into the yard with a pair of sunglasses on, a baseball cap, and a puffy coat on. He briskly strode up to where I was crouched. “Brr!” he exclaimed, “It’s too cold out here to do dog … Continue reading

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My dog is a liar

Sometimes, people post beautiful pictures of wolves or lions or something equally majestic and carnivorous on Facebook. Sometimes, these pictures are accompanied by some saying that basically equates to “animals are better than humans because animals don’t/can’t lie.” This is … Continue reading

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Birthday Pup

So, since I’ve been teaching training classes (I started February 1st), Bean has accompanied me to almost every class, and she’s “certified” to help me teach. It is totally the best part of my day to go to work with … Continue reading

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Potty training your dog

Ok, so after a few months as a dog trainer, I’ve heard a LOT of people tell me that they can’t get their dog house-trained. “I want him to go outside!” I hear, “Not on the carpet!” While I don’t … Continue reading

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Camp Unleashed

My, it’s been awhile since I’ve written! Things have been super-busy around here, what with my day-job picking up (winter is a busy season), family and friends, and getting a second job as a dog trainer. I’ve finally nearly completed … Continue reading

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The Bean Weekly

I cleaned out my car a couple of nights ago after an agility event. Among all the purse miscellanea and coffee cups that miraculously appear all over the place was all the detritus of a week spent carting the dogs … Continue reading

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