Birthday Pup


So, since I’ve been teaching training classes (I started February 1st), Bean has accompanied me to almost every class, and she’s “certified” to help me teach. It is totally the best part of my day to go to work with my dog, and it’s definitely the best part of HER day to go, get treats, and say hello to lots of other dogs.

This is what Bean is getting as her reward for being such a good little employee:

A new leash from ResQPup:

ResQ Co. Leash from

And of course, a new toy:

Nina Ottosson "Dog Brick" interactive food toy

If it’s Bean, it Must Involve Food.

She has a birthday coming up at the end of the month (marking her probably-6th year of life) and I’ll definitely be wrapping these up for her.

Though, knowing her, she’ll be WAY more excited about ripping off the paper than actually playing with the toy (just like a pup).

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Do you buy them gifts too, or am I alone in this insanity?


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