Agility practice

Bean and I had our last Agility B class a couple of weeks ago, and my mother came and took a few photos. A lot of them turned out blurry because of the lighting and how far away we were on the floor (it’s a pretty big room), but I liked these two:

A few treats before beginning the course:

A few treats before Bean before running the course...

And Bean jumping the “pinwheel” sequence of jumps:

She did fairly well on that course, despite all the distractions that day (more people, strange people walking onto the course, etc). We still have a ways to go, but as long as she’s enthusiastic about it, we’ll keep going.


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Likes: Canada, spelunking, shiny objects, painting her living room a different color every couple of months, animals, dogs, clicker training Dislikes: Canada, styrofoam packing peanuts, snoring, crazy stalkers, failure of google-fu Favorite sports: hockey, marriage, agility, curling, hockey, snooker, hockey Noted for: participation in charities, antique furniture obsession, not-entirely-appropriate sense of humor, obsession with dog training
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  1. this is really neat, keep at it!

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