@ThinkGeek Dog Toys

I was browsing Think Geek because I heard they had a selection of interactive ‘intelligence games’ for dogs. Bean has figured out how to dump and/or open almost all of her toys, so it’s time for something more challenging.

But look at this. No, just look.

Humunga Stache @ Think Geek

I giggled for about ten minutes straight. Then, of course, there is also this:

Humunga Tongue @ Think Geek

I mean really. Really? Dogs are already pretty funny. This is putting it into overdrive, and threatening the sanity of us all. I can’t even. No, I really can’t stop laughing. Hilarious!

Want even more pet toys? Check out the selection at ThinkGeek.com!


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Likes: Canada, spelunking, shiny objects, painting her living room a different color every couple of months, animals, dogs, clicker training Dislikes: Canada, styrofoam packing peanuts, snoring, crazy stalkers, failure of google-fu Favorite sports: hockey, marriage, agility, curling, hockey, snooker, hockey Noted for: participation in charities, antique furniture obsession, not-entirely-appropriate sense of humor, obsession with dog training
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One Response to @ThinkGeek Dog Toys

  1. Dog Toys says:

    Good post, I have five Greyhounds myself.

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