Sanctuary Sunday – A Chance For Bliss

(It’s a little belated, but better late than never, I say!)

A Chance For Bliss

Most people have a plan for when they grow old. Either their children will take care of them, or they have a back-up government-sponsored plan, or they’ve made enough money to retire with the assurance that they will be well taken care of in their golden years.
But what about animals?
Too often, elderly and special-needs pets get dumped at a shelter for being old and sick, with no hope for a forever home. Senior animals are often the last ones to be adopted, and the first to face euthanasia.
One California based charity is trying to change that. A Chance For Bliss is an animal sanctuary focusing on senior and special-needs animals. Their inspirational rescue statement says it all:
What is A Chance For Bliss?

A Chance for Bliss, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) California corporation committed to the care and welfare of animals on an extraordinary scale, particularly canine and equine, with strong emphasis on seniors and those with special needs.

A Chance for Bliss, Inc. is a Sanctuary and any being which finds his way to us becomes a permanent resident, benefiting from the comfort and security of having a loving, caring Forever Home.

A Chance for Bliss, Inc. promotes the Truth of the inherent worth of all beings, regardless of age, condition, or any other factor.

A Chance For Bliss changes that and gives them a forever home. David and Deanna Bartley focus on caring for these animals and giving them a truly wonderful forever home where they are fed and taken care of in peace and freedom. Not many people have the time and heart to devote to such an enormous undertaking, but these two, along with a corps of volunteers and generous donors, make a final forever home for many pets. Right now, according to their website, they have over 90 dogs, cats, horses, cows and pigs that they are providing a home to.
How can I help?
Recently, A Chance For Bliss was in the news because they were in danger of foreclosure, but through the actions of generous donors, they were able to keep their farm and ability to provide a loving home for their animals. However, their costs of providing for senior animals are high – as Deanna notes on her blog, their monthly cost for maintaining the animals is around $20,000, which includes special medications and food.
They created a $10 per month sponsor program that they hope will give them a steadier source of income. You can sponsor an animal or a group of animals (currently, I’m sponsoring “The Horses”), or just give them a one-time donation through Paypal. They also have a bunch of different ways you can donate to them – by getting a Visa card design that benefits their charity, donating items or food that they need, buying items with their gorgeous logo from CafePress or Zazzle, donating books, or volunteering (if you’re in California).
Visit A Chance For Bliss to find out more about this charity, or check out some of their awesome media coverage. We all deserve to be taken care of in our old age, and that goes for dogs (and cats, and pigs, and horses, and cows!) too.

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