Meet Sam, Professional Couch Tester


Age: Ten or eleven years old
Breed/s: Chow/Australian Cattle Dog
Nicknames: Ol’ One-Eye, Samburger, Hobo
Arrival Story: I was looking for a second dog to add to the family and keep my other dog company. I went to Richmond Animal Care and Control to look at a German Shepherd, but he was way too high-energy for our laid-back home. While I was there, one dog just sat in his kennel, staring up at me mournfully, and when I knelt down, he pressed his face up against the metal grate for a cheek-scratch. I was sold.
Favorite food: Donut holes
Special talents or skills: Cheering anyone and everyone up, speak LOUDER!
Biggest fear: Losing prime real-estate on the couch
Most annoying habit: Barking in his sleep
Arch-nemesis: Ricky, the big white dog at the park that won’t stop sniffing Sam’s butt.
Favorite toy: Squeaky Pig
Hobbies: sleeping on the couch, getting chin-scratches, fiercely defending the backyard fence
If Sam was a movie star, he would be… Robin Williams. He loves loves loves kids and is always doing something silly to make you laugh.

Sam is the goofiest dog I’ve ever had. He just came that way. He’s blind in one eye and half-blind in the other, but you’d never know it. He LOVES having his photograph taken and seeing new people, though he has a one-track mind when he’s in a new place and sniffing around. He loves anything squishy – pillows, couches, beds, fresh laundry, you name it – if it’s comfy, Sam is SO there.

Jan 4 2011 334


Jan 4 2011 332


About Mel

Likes: Canada, spelunking, shiny objects, painting her living room a different color every couple of months, animals, dogs, clicker training Dislikes: Canada, styrofoam packing peanuts, snoring, crazy stalkers, failure of google-fu Favorite sports: hockey, marriage, agility, curling, hockey, snooker, hockey Noted for: participation in charities, antique furniture obsession, not-entirely-appropriate sense of humor, obsession with dog training
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